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Summary: 39 papers total including 19 first-author or student-led, 6 second-author, 10 third-to-fourth author, and 4 Nth-authors papers. 

For an up-to-date and complete list see my ADS and Google Scholar profiles

First-Author and second-author papers

25.  The chaotic history of the retrograde multi-planet system in K2-290A driven by distant stars

      Best, S. & Petrovich, C., 2022 (student paper)

24.  Formation of counter-rotating and highly eccentric massive black hole binaries in galaxy mergers

     Nasim, I.T,  Petrovich, C., et al. 2021 (student paper)

22.  A disk-driven resonance as the origin of high inclinations of close-in planets

      Petrovich, C., Muñoz, D, Kratter, K. & Malhotra, R, 2020

22.  Constraining protoplanetary disks with exoplanetary dynamics: Kepler-419 as an example

    Ali-Dib, M. & Petrovich, C., 2020

21.  Kozai Migration Naturally Explains the White Dwarf Planet WD1856b

    Muñoz, D, & Petrovich, C., 2020

20.  Nekhoroshev Estimates for the Survival Time of Tightly Packed Planetary Systems

      Yalinewich, A. & Petrovich, C., 2020

19.  Compact-Object Mergers in the Galactic Center: Evolution in Triaxial Clusters

       Bub, M. & Petrovich, C., 2020 (student paper)

18.  Secular transport during disk dispersal: the case of Kepler-419

      Petrovich, C., Wu, Y. & Ali-Dib, M. 2019, AJ, 157, 5

17.  Ultra-short-period planets from secular chaos

      Petrovich, C., Deibert, E., & Wu, Y. 2019, AJ, 157, 180

16.  About 30% of Sun-like Stars Have Kepler-like Planetary Systems: A Study of their Intrinsic Architecture

       Zhou, W., Petrovich, C., Wu,Y. , Dong, S. & Xie, J. 2018, ApJ, 860, 2

15.  On the stability and collisions in triple stellar systems

       He, M & Petrovich, C. 2018, MNRAS, 474, 20 (student paper)

14.  Greatly enhanced merger rates of compact-object binaries in non-spherical nuclear star clusters

      Petrovich, C. & Antonini, F. 2017, ApJ, 846, 146

13.    Dynamically hot Super-Earths from outer giant planet scattering

       Huang, X. C,  Petrovich, C., & Deibert, E. , 2017, AJ, 153, 210 

12.  Planetary engulfment as a trigger for white dwarf pollution

      Petrovich, C., & Muñoz, D., 2017, ApJ, 834, 116

 11.   Warm Jupiters from secular planet-planet interactions

      Petrovich, C., & Tremaine, S., 2016, ApJ, 829, 132 

 10.   Stability and fates of hierarchical two-planet systems

      Petrovich, C., 2015, ApJ, 808, 120

 9.   Hot jupiters from Coplanar High-eccentricity Migration

      Petrovich, C., 2015, ApJ, 805, 75

 8.   Steady-state planet migration by the Kozai-Lidov mechanism in stellar binaries

      Petrovich, C., 2015, ApJ, 799, 27 

 7.   Scattering outcomes of close-in planets: constraints on planet migration

      Petrovich, C., Tremaine, S., and Rafikov, R., 2014, ApJ, 786, 101

6.    Rotochemical heating of millisecond and classical pulsars with anisotropic and density-dependent superfluid gap models

       Gonzalez-Jimenez, N., Petrovich, C., and Reisenegger, A., 2015, MNRAS, 447, 3

 5.   Planets near Mean-motion Resonances

      Petrovich, C., Malhotra, R., and Tremaine, S., 2013, ApJ, 770, 24


 4.   The Origin of the Negative Torque Density in Disk-Satellite Interaction

       Rafikov, R. and Petrovich, C., 2012, ApJ, 747, 24


 3.   Disk-  Interaction in Disks with Density Gaps

      Petrovich, C. and Rafikov, R., 2012, ApJ, 758, 33

 2.    Long-period thermal oscillations in superfluid millisecond pulsars

      Petrovich, C. and Reisenegger, A., 2011, A&A, 528, A66

 1.    Rotochemical heating in millisecond pulsars: modified Urca reactions with uniform Cooper pairing gaps

      Petrovich, C. and Reisenegger, A., 2010, A&A, 521, A77

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